Meredith Lindsey, Vice Chair

Bio:  Born and raised in Spartanburg, Meredith graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in retail management. With a strong background in retail and customer service, she knows what it takes to make a lasting connection with clients and loves working alongside the experienced and dedicated staff at A-LINE Interactive.  Meredith currently serves as a project manager with A-LINE.

Hobbies: Meredith loves sewing in her free time. She also loves to watch the Carolina Panthers and USC Gamecocks play! In Spartanburg, you can find her at the Hub City Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings and volunteering at various community events. 

Why SYP: Meredith has been with SYP since 2014. After moving back to Spartanburg, Meredith realized that SYP is a great way to make lasting friendships with other young professionals and gives her several opportunities to get engaged in the community.

Why Spartanburg: Spartanburg is Meredith’s hometown and will always be a special place for her. After moving back, Meredith discovered that there was a huge opportunity for young professionals to get engaged in the community and make an impact. It is a very exciting time to be a part of Spartanburg!

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