Sabrina Richardson, Programs Chair

Bio: After graduating from the University of South Carolina Upstate with a Bachelors of Arts in Experimental Psychology, followed by earning a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Converse College, Sabrina decided to make Spartanburg  her home. Being connected to USC Upstate campus resources helped Sabrina become a successful student. With very similar ideas, Sabrina connected herself to Spartanburg's Community.  

Hobbies: Within the community, Sabrina enjoys walking trails with her dog Teddy, the Hub City Farmer's Market, and events hosted by Speaking Down Barriers, a nonprofit founded in Spartanburg dedicated to transforming lives across our differences (race, gender, class, natural identity, sexual orientation, religion).

Why SYP: Sabrina became involved with SYP through Charlianne whom she knew at USC Upstate.  The two young ladies were involved in many campus activities together. What's Sabrina's favorite aspect of SYP? Being apart of a community dedicated to young professionals growing and becoming more.    

Why Spartanburg: Clearly it's the community of great people she has become connected with, leading to new friendships and exciting opportunities (particularly with all of the recent developments).

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